1.         General Information

  • 1. www.geutz.com offers transport vehicles with or without private drivers (VTC). GEUTZ has a fleet of recent vehicles in good operational condition, experienced professional drivers, and proactive customer support. The purpose of this document is to present the general terms and conditions for using the booking platform and services.
  • 2. In certain market contexts, the platform can offer its users private vehicles and/or drivers, hotel rooms, and vacation rentals (high-end furnished villas and apartments) from carefully selected partners. GEUTZ believes that its subcontractors have the competence and experience necessary for the requested services. Regular and unannounced checks are carried out by industry experts to ensure compliance with the current legislation in the sector and the country where the services are provided.
  • 3. GEUTZ only acts as a trusted third party and is not a party to the rental contracts between partner lessors and clients. For each rental listing displayed on the site, the owner’s name will be clearly indicated.
  • 4. The vehicle photos displayed on the site are non-binding and are intended to provide a better visual representation of the type of car offered. GEUTZ may offer a similar or higher-end vehicle.
  • 5. GEUTZ is committed to ensuring an operational online booking service by maintaining the platform and anticipating its evolution in terms of daily visitor numbers, data storage capacity, and query execution performance.

 2.         Terms & Definitions

  • 1. Transfer: Taxi service from point A to point B, and to point C, etc., as requested.
  • 2. Pick-up time: The time when the client is picked up during a transfer.
  • 3. Drop-off location: Address or destination location for the client.
  • 4. Buffer time: Buffer time between the scheduled flight arrival time (landing) and the pick-up time indicated on the airport-hotel transfer reservation.
  • 5. Chauffeur-driven car rental: Personal transport service with a private driver billed per day.
  • 6. VTC: Passenger Transport Vehicle with Driver
  • 7. Self-drive car rental: Car rental excluding fees except for insurance and normal vehicle maintenance (engine oil replacement, service fluids, and wear parts).
  • 8. Excursion: Guided group travel for one or more days to tourist sites or places of interest with leisure or educational activities. In addition to transportation, accommodation, and meals can be provided by GEUTZ if the client chooses these paid options.
  • 9. EDM: Electronic Document Management

 3.         Execution Terms

  • 1. For the transfer service, the client must remain reachable by phone at least 15 minutes before the agreed pick-up time.
  • 2. Upon arrival at their hotel, the client must provide the name of the GEUTZ company so that our driver can announce themselves upon arrival by stating the client’s name and the company’s name.
  • 3. The client must adhere to the GEUTZ safety guidelines:
    • Mandatory seat belt usage.
    • Maintain driver’s concentration for safe driving.
    • No smoking in the vehicle.
    • No eating in the vehicle.
  • 4. For the car rental service, the rental agreement becomes effective from the date the vehicle is received by the client. In the presence of the client, GEUTZ conducts or requires its partners to conduct a detailed interior and exterior inspection of the vehicle and its functional equipment, with certified photos and videos taken by the client, who must confirm it with a signature (sent from their phone).
  • 5. It is the lessor’s responsibility to notify the client in advance on the product sheet of the daily or overall mileage limit if applicable, as well as the per-kilometer rate in case of exceeding it.
  • 6. The lessor should also inform the client in advance on the product sheet of the per-day rate in case of exceeding the specified date/time for returning the vehicle, as well as all conditions for extending the rental period.
  • 7. The lessor should specify on the product sheet the geographic area within which the vehicle must not be taken during the rental period.
  • 8. The lessor is obligated to remind the client that only designated (declared) drivers listed in the contract, whose documents have been verified and approved, are allowed to drive the rented vehicle.
  • 9. The vehicle is to be collected at the location indicated on the website during the reservation or can be delivered to an agreed-upon location with the lessor, always at the client’s expense but under the lessor’s responsibility.
  • 10. GEUTZ guarantees the quality of the accommodation listings posted on its platform. To provide assurance to users, inspection visits and tests are conducted according to rigorous quality criteria.
  • 11. GEUTZ may request verification of documents or official papers attesting to the bare ownership, usufruct, or rental mandate of the lodging provided by a partner. In the case of professional tourist accommodations, GEUTZ may require approval from the Ministry of Tourism.
  • 12. In the case of subletting, the lessor is not the owner of the property. GEUTZ requires the partner to provide us with a legalized authorization from the owner along with a legalized ownership document demonstrating that the property indeed belongs to the owner.
  • 13. As an intermediary, GEUTZ only acts as a trusted third party and is not a party to the rental contract between partner hosts and clients. It acts as a facilitator in resolving disputes that may arise between partner hosts and platform users.
  • 14. GEUTZ commits to providing partners with useful resources:
    • Access to the partner space on its platform www.geutz.com, through an ID and password, to manage the availability of their products for booking or adjust prices and promotions.
    • Access to the client space on its platform geutz.com, through an ID and password, to benefit from all GEUTZ services.
  • 15. GEUTZ will provide partners with access to an Electronic Document Management (EDM) system for smooth document consultation and exchange (statements and invoices).
  • 16. Users (clients and partners) commit, upon opening their account on the platform, to providing complete and reliable information for their booking requests and online listing publications. Reservation forms and product sheets (vehicle, hotel, room, tour) must be accurately completed.

 4.         Fares

  • 1. The transfer rates are set by zone (table below). Zone packages are determined annually and displayed on the website www.geutz.com from the early stages of the booking process. Users can also obtain rates at any time by sending a price request to the email address contact@geutz.com.


Sénégal Zones Destinations
Grande-côte 1 Saint-Louis, Louga
Dakar 1 Dakar-Plateau, Ngor, Yoff, Grand-Dakar, Hann, Patte d’Oie, Parcelles
2 Yeumbeul, Pikine, Thiaroye, Mbao, Guédiawaye, Malika, Keur Massar, Rufisque
3 Bambilor, Lac rose, Bargny, Sangalkam, Sébikotane, Diamniadio, Deni Biram
Petite-côte 1 Aéroport AIBD (DSS), Yenne, Toubab dialaw, Ndayane, Popenguine, Guéréo
2 N’Guerigne Bambara, Ngaparou, Somone, Saly, Mbour, Warang, Nianing
3 Pointe Sarène, Mbodiène, Joal Fadiouth
Fatick 1 Fimela, Dangane, Palmarin
2 Toubacouta, Fathala
Serrekunda 1 Aéroport de Banjul (BJL) London Corner, Nema Kunku, Faji Kunda, Tallinding, Ebo Town, …
2 Bijilo, Kerr Serign, Kotu, Fajara, Pipeline, Latrikunda, Manjai Kunda, Sanchaba Sulay Jobe
Cap Skirring 1 Aéroport Cap Skirring (CSK), Ziguinchor, Carabane, Bignona, Kafountine
  • 2. For all destinations not directly bookable on the website, the user can send a price inquiry to the customer support at contact@geutz.com or call one of the dedicated phone numbers.
  • 3. The rate paid by the client is indicated as all-inclusive (VAT included).
  • 4. The paid rate covers specific client requests for transfers:
    • Baby seat, booster seat, etc.
    • English-speaking driver
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Personalized signboard
  • 5. Additional paid supplements:
    • Meet & Greet

 5.         Payment

  • 1. The user has the choice of digital payment methods:
    • Mobile money (Orange money, Wave money) for local users
    • Credit card (CB, Mastercard, Visa) for international users
    • PayPal
    • Bank transfer
    • Cash (provided a credit card is registered and GEUTZ blocks the amount)
  • 2. Payment terms:
    • Payment is due in full before the departure of the vehicle for transfer, excursion, and car rental services.
    • Payment is due in full at the time of booking and before the client’s arrival at the hotel.
  • 3. GEUTZ grants end-of-month payment terms to hotels and companies that have opened a partner account.
  • 4. For any payment amount equal to or greater than 25 euros, the client can request an invoice from GEUTZ, which must provide it.
  • 5. For payments exceeding 350 euros, the client can make a minimum advance payment of 30% to confirm the reservation, with the remaining balance to be settled before using the service.
  • 6. Refund requests are processed in accordance with the compensation policy applicable to each type of service.
  • 7. Refunds for the transfer service are granted as follows:
    • Reservation cancellation more than 12 hours before the pick-up time
    • Driver delay compared to the pick-up time (50% if > 1 hour)
    • Driver responsible for a delay of more than 1 hour resulting in a missed flight (ticket modification fees covered). Note: The client is responsible for selecting the pick-up time, accounting for a 2-hour wait at the airport before the flight departure and the estimated Google travel time to the airport based on traffic density.
    • Dispute over service quality with evidence (subject to assessment)
    • Non-appearance of the driver (No Show), full refund
  • 8. Refunds for car rental are granted as follows:
    • Reservation cancellation more than 24 hours before the departure time
    • Dispute over service quality with evidence (subject to assessment)
    • Non-appearance of a vehicle at least similar, full refund
  • 9. Refunds for the excursion service are granted as follows:
    • Reservation cancellation more than 24 hours before the pick-up time
    • Dispute over service quality with evidence (subject to assessment)
  • 10. Refunds for accommodation service are granted as follows:
    • Reservation cancellation before the indicated arrival time (refer to the partner’s policy on the product sheet)
    • Dispute over service quality with evidence (subject to assessment)

 6.         Guarantees

  • 1. The quality assurance of the transfer service is ensured through the monitoring of missions by GEUTZ’s customer support, which maintains 24/7 contact with clients and on-site drivers.
  • 2. Subcontractors are carefully selected and ranked based on their performance level, which depends on punctuality, vehicle or accommodation quality, and communication. End clients can rate the subcontractor’s service quality on a scale of 1 to 5 and provide optional comments. The subcontractor ranking is updated monthly and can be made known to the user. Users can consider this ranking in combination with the rate to validate their choice.
  • 3. Public liability insurance is the minimum coverage that car rental companies must include in their offer for self-drive car rental.
  • 4. Public liability insurance and passenger insurance in the event of a responsible or non-responsible incident are the minimum coverages that transporters must include in their transfer service offer.
  • 5. Public liability insurance is included in the price. However, damages to the vehicle not covered by insurance are the client’s responsibility. Vehicle repairs are completed within 15 days following the incident. The lessor first obtains a detailed quote for the required work from our approved providers and submits it for the client’s acceptance, which is countersigned upon approval. Repair invoices are issued in the lessor’s name.
  • 6. Each car rental company on GEUTZ has developed its own risk management procedures, which the client must adhere to.
  • 7. GPS trackers are installed on the vehicles rented on the platform, which is owned by GEUTZ. While respecting legal provisions and client privacy, this vehicle monitoring system allows regular data analysis to control:
    • Vehicle position (theft, leaving the national territory, etc.)
    • Remote vehicle immobilization in case of theft
    • Types of roads used by the vehicle (paved, dirt, etc.)
    • Maximum speed in urban, rural, and highway areas
    • Number of kilometers driven per day
    • Number of kilometers driven since the last maintenance
    • Engine running time per day (misuse, etc.)
    • The uses GEUTZ makes of this system are numerous.
  • 8. It is highly recommended for partner lessors to implement a vehicle monitoring system; GEUTZ declines any responsibility for abusive use or theft. GEUTZ offers the provision and installation of the vehicle monitoring system by GPS along with its application, which also allows for mission management.
  • 9. The client bears the consequences of vehicle theft, damage due to theft, and attempted theft. Any theft or attempted theft must be reported to the local authorities and the lessor within 24 hours of occurrence. The same applies in case of lost keys or vehicle documents.
  • 10. The client is responsible for parking the rented vehicle in safe, non-exposed places on the platform (protected from sun UV rays, adverse weather like floods, social uprisings and demonstrations, etc.)
  • 11. The car lessor is free to request a security deposit or not, but GEUTZ requires a security deposit between 150,000 FCFA and 3,000,000 FCFA for its properties, depending on the quality level, and recommends its partners to do the same. The security deposit is paid directly to GEUTZ when the keys are handed over. At the end of the rental, if no damage is found in the condition report, the security deposit is promptly refunded; otherwise, the parties must provide evidence for GEUTZ’s assessment, which will then proceed to arbitration.
  • 12. The furnished accommodation lessor is free to request a security deposit or not, but GEUTZ requires a security deposit for its properties, depending on the quality level, and recommends its partners to do the same. The security deposit is paid directly to GEUTZ when the keys are handed over. At the end of the rental, if no damage is found in the condition report, the security deposit is promptly refunded; otherwise, the parties must provide evidence for GEUTZ’s assessment, which will then proceed to arbitration.
  • 13. For the specific case of long-term car rental (3 months or more), the client must present the vehicle to the lessor for a general inspection every 6 months or every 6,000 km. The client agrees to provide the lessor or their delegates with all facilities necessary for these verifications. As such, the client may need to send the lessor photos and videos of the vehicle’s interior and exterior upon request.
  • 14. The inspection involves changing the engine oil, service fluids (filters: oil, fuel, air), and if necessary, replacing wear parts (windshield wipers, brake pads, tires, and battery). The costs are borne by the lessor. Any other expenses not related to normal vehicle wear, taking into account reasonable part replacement intervals in the vehicle’s maintenance manual, will be borne by the client.
  • 15. The vehicle rented on the GEUTZ platform must be delivered in good working condition, including body and maintenance, except for normal wear, and equipped with all original documents, accessories, and equipment. The tires must have a thickness at least equal to the legally required minimum thickness; a depth of at least 1.6 mm in the main grooves of their tread is required.
  • 16. The lessor declares that they are fully familiar with the operating instructions for the vehicle rented on the GEUTZ platform. They agree to use it in a prudent and reasonable manner, in line with its intended use, and to maintain it in perfect working and cleanliness condition, in accordance with the lessor’s and/or manufacturer’s instructions.
  • 17. Using the rented vehicle for public transportation or any form of clandestine passenger transport without written authorization from the lessor is prohibited. The client must, in any case, respect the vehicle’s payload limits.
  • 18. The client must not make any modifications to the vehicle without written authorization from the lessor.
  • 19. Upon receiving the vehicle, the client undertakes to comply with the current laws and regulations, particularly those regarding vehicle ownership, transportation, and use, as well as equipment.
  • 20. In the event of a breakdown or any other technical issue with the vehicle, the client is prohibited from intervening in the mechanics without the lessor’s approval. The client must contact the platform directly to find the best solution, with the lessor’s assistance, including a replacement vehicle of at least the same level. As a trusted third party, GEUTZ will be kept informed of the progress of all dispute cases and can thus provide arbitration and assist the client in obtaining a refund if no solution is found. In case of refusal by the lessor, GEUTZ may downgrade their service quality rating and may even delist them from the booking platform.
  • 21. At the latest by the end of the rental, regardless of the reason, the client will return the vehicle, under their responsibility and at their own expense, to the address indicated by the lessor on the platform when the reservation was made. Any partially used day is due.
  • 22. The vehicle must be returned in good working condition, including body and maintenance, except for normal wear, and equipped with all original documents, accessories, and equipment. The starting fuel level should be at least the same upon return.
  • 23. Any complaints should be sent electronically to GEUTZ’s customer support at contact@geutz.com.

 7.         Confidentiality

  • 1. Confidential information refers to all data and information related to customers that GEUTZ could reasonably be considered the owner of, including, but not limited to, customer records, personal data, and any information that is not generally known and where it can reasonably be expected that no one would disclose it.
  • 2. GEUTZ’s partner agrees not to reveal, disclose, report, or use any confidential information without authorization. This obligation continues after the termination of the partnership agreement and will expire at an unspecified date.
  • 3. Confidential customer information, such as name, phone number, email, and address, is not disclosed before and after the transaction to anyone outside the mission management for any reason.
  • 4. Confidential customer and partner information is securely archived and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) adopted by the European Parliament in 2016 and effective from 2018.
  • 5. When visiting this site, cookies may be used. Some of our cookies are necessary for us to provide the service you have requested and personalize the services of our site. Other cookies allow us to measure the audience of our site.
    • The cookies we use on this site do not store personal information about you (address, credit card number, password, etc.).
    • You are deemed to accept our cookie usage policy as described above if you continue to browse our site. You can interrupt your navigation on this site in case of disagreement with this policy.
  • 6. However, you can systematically or selectively block cookies by configuring your browser.

 8.         Intellectual Property

  • 1. In accordance with intellectual property rules, GEUTZ is the owner of the website, including its technical and graphical components, textual content, navigation layout, and other aspects. Thus, GEUTZ holds the copyrights and industrial property rights over the overall structure, texts, images, both animated and non-animated, trademarks, logos, and all elements that constitute the website.
  • 2. This service is provided using software, algorithms, and databases designed and/or developed and/or utilized by GEUTZ, which it owns or has rights to. The content uploaded by GEUTZ belongs to them, and using the website does not grant the user any rights to any of the elements mentioned in this article. GEUTZ authorizes the user to use the website and the data it contains for strictly personal use, in accordance with the Terms of Use.
  • 3. As a result, any other use of the website is excluded and can only be carried out after obtaining prior written authorization from GEUTZ. By accessing the website, the user agrees to the Terms of Use, acknowledges GEUTZ’s intellectual property rights, and commits to respecting them.
  • 4. GEUTZ may modify the Terms of Use at any time and without notice. Therefore, users are encouraged to regularly review the latest updated version, available to all and accessible continuously on the homepage of the website by clicking on the hyperlink: “Terms of Use” located at the bottom of the page.

 9.         Responsibility and Force Majeure

  • 1. The user is informed that the website is generally accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The service may be interrupted for technical reasons related to maintenance or backup.
  • 2. The user is responsible for the information entered in the reservation forms on the website. They must provide comprehensive and reliable information, and any errors on their part are their responsibility.
  • 3. Mandatory information for a reservation includes:
    • Customer’s name for all services
    • Number of people being transported or accommodated
    • Pickup location and time for transfers and excursions
    • Vehicle delivery location for car rentals
    • Desired vehicle return location and time
  • 4. In the event of force majeure affecting the service, characterized by an unforeseeable, irresistible event internal to GEUTZ or its subcontractors that prevents the execution of services, such as a breakdown during a mission, GEUTZ offers the client an equivalent replacement solution. If the client refuses the proposed solution, the offered discount cannot exceed 50% and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis after analyzing the situation.
  • 5. In the event of force majeure affecting the service, characterized by an unforeseeable, irresistible event external to GEUTZ or its subcontractors that prevents the execution of services, such as a flood or a violent uprising with protests that could endanger the physical integrity of our clients or vehicles, two types of resolution are proposed. If the mission has not yet started and no equivalent replacement solution is possible, GEUTZ offers the client a cancellation with a full refund. If the mission is in progress and cannot be completed, GEUTZ offers the client a cancellation with a full refund and a return to the pickup location.


10.         Resolutive Clause

  • 1. In the event of a dispute, mediation or arbitration by GEUTZ is the primary alternative for resolving conflicts.
  • 2. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction of the Document: The Terms and Conditions will be interpreted and governed in accordance with Senegalese laws.

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